Nicole, the Non-Toxic Nurse, and Her Daughter

My Mission

My name is Nicole.  I am a Christian, a wife, and the very proud mother of a wonderful little girl.   I am a 30-something, who, has spent the last five-plus years researching threats to our health encountered in our every day lives, with a focus on finding safety in this toxic world.  Through this blog, I hope to share what I have learned with you.  Please read my disclaimer.

I am a BSN-level Registered Nurse, I have a BA in psychology, and have also studied research methods and statistics at the graduate level (see FAQs for more details).  For the past 5 years, I have worked as a NICU RN.  Becoming a nurse has left me acutely aware of the fact that our health is under siege in America today.  Particularly the health of our children, because they are smaller than we are and the burden of toxins on their bodies is therefore much greater.

There are toxic chemicals all around us:  in our air, water, homes, yards, workplaces, schools, and even in our food.  Chronic disease abounds, and the age of onset is getting younger and younger.  Likewise, cancer and other terminal diseases are on the rise.  Having heavily researched the relationships between the chemical barrage we are facing and the disease states now occurring in Americans at record numbers, I am positive there is a connection.  This blog is my attempt to educate you in a way that can help you protect yourself, your children, your children who have not yet been conceived, and even their grandchildren (those of you who are keeping up with the field of “epigenetics” understand how I can comfortably make such a grand, philogenic, claim; those of you who have never heard of “epigenetics” will understand soon enough if you keep reading my blog).

My purpose in creating this blog is to introduce you to the many threats to life-long health you and your family currently face in your everyday lives, and to provide you with simple steps that you can take to protect yourselves and stay healthier longer, in spite of the threats.  The emphasis will be on controlling exposures to toxins where possible and also on creating healthy, resilient bodies through a return to a traditional way of eating, as promoted by the Weston A. Price Foundation, the Slow Foods Movement, Eat Wild, the GAPS diet, and others that I have yet to discover.

What brought me to this point?

Several years ago, my husband and I began a journey towards improving our health, because I had become, yet another, chronic disease statistic.  It turned out that the strange symptoms I had been experiencing for over 15 years were signs of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  I finally received a diagnosis after reading a blurb about the disorder in one of my nursing school textbooks and visiting an OB-GYN with said blurb in hand.  When I was finally diagnosed, I also learned that I was insulin resistant, despite the fact that I am 5’6″ tall and weighed/weigh  120 lbs.  Without intervention, I would have been headed straight for Type 2 diabetes, regardless of the fact that, from the outside, I looked like a healthy 28-year-old.

In addition to resulting in Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS can also threaten fertility and increases a woman’s risk for cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.  An estimated 10-15% of women presently of reproductive age have PCOS.   Many remain undiagnosed, and their disease continues to harm them unchecked–as mine harmed me.  Some women are not diagnosed until their first heart attack, unfortunately that heart attack can happen as early as in one’s 30s.  I have always loved a good research project, and to me this was a mystery that needed solving.  In addition to researching and implementing the appropriate measures to prevent the worsening of my PCOS, I also began researching the possible causes of my having developed PCOS in the first place.  What I would learn would change me forever.  What I have learned is what I want to share with you via this blog.  I hope you will follow my writings and save your daughter or your grandaughter, from the path I am walking.  It turns out that the forces that created PCOS in me are really not all that different from the forces thought to be causing the current epidemics of various chronic diseases and cancers.  The good news is:  there is MUCH we can do to protect ourselves.

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