E-Shoppe: The Non-Toxic Nurse’s Favorite Products

I am often asked what I use/eat/read/view. Here are my favorites. I have had excellent personal experience with every item in this e-Shoppe. I know first-hand that the process of eliminating toxins can be expensive and frustrating (e.g., when pricey alternative products do not perform well). I hope to make your life easier by putting the products I love all in a single e-Shoppe. These prices are the same as on the main Amazon site. Amazon purchases made through the Non-Toxic Nurse’s e-Shoppe will help keep this site up and running. If at any time I become paid in any way to advertise a particular brand/item in this store, I will list it on my “disclosures” page. I will not add anything to this e-Shoppe that I did not use and like. Thank you for visiting the e-Shoppe and helping to support this site!

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