What is your educational preparation?

I am a Registered Nurse who holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and also a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology.  My concentration when earning my BA in psychology was substance abuse counseling and my coursework also emphasized applied behavior analysis and behavior modification.  After earning my psychology degree, prior to realizing that I wanted to become a nurse, I spent three years in a social science PhD program.  In the PhD program, I successfully completed 45 out of 60 credits.  Eight of my courses were in the areas of research methods and statistics, and I completed the written comprehensive exam in research methods and statistics for the PhD.  That meant I was finished with that type of coursework in the program.  I attribute my fixation with research to the three years I spent in the PhD program–research became second-nature to me, and that has not changed.  I view health as a logistic regression equation, and formulate research questions and design studies in my head wherever I go.  (And you thought I was admiring your shoes!)

Through teaching college courses during my time in the PhD program, I realized that I desired a more clinical career.  I come from a family of nurses, so I knew how difficult a career in nursing can be; however, I felt a strange tugging at my soul to move in that direction.  Finally, I gave in.  The minute I walked into the NICU as a nursing student, I knew that it was where I wanted to work.  Perhaps it grew out of my having been a nanny for two different families, and four wonderful children, during my undergraduate years.  I have been a NICU RN since graduating from nursing school.  I have seen many miracles and I have cried many tears.

Why did you decide to create this blog?

Prior to attending nursing school, I used to avoid reading articles and books about the threats to our health posed by the toxic chemicals all around us and the changes to our food supply.  Avoiding the threats seemed like an insurmountable task, and I falsely assumed that our lawmakers were doing a good job of keeping us relatively safe from harm.  In addition to a naive reliance on government and my primary care physician to protect my health, my coping strategy during those years was denial.  I simply refused to think about all of it so I would not be scared.  I tried to eat like the USDA suggested Americans should, I did everything else my doctor said to do, and I trusted I would be safe.  When the “green” movement began cropping up, I thought, “Who has time to think about all of that?”  All the while, unbeknownst to me, my health was declining.  I now wish I had been much more “green” and a lot less in denial back then.

The physiology I learned in nursing school taught me just how wonderful, yet fragile, the human body is.  Working for several years as a Neonatal Intensive Care RN has made me acutely aware of the need for all of us to research the impact of environmental toxins, diet, and other lifestyle choices, not only on ourselves, but also on our (present and future) children.  We cannot rely on doctors to protect the health of our families, most doctors are much too busy treating disease states to be the sole guardians of our health.  It is up to us.  If you will not familiarize yourself with these threats for your own health, then please do it for your children, or your grandchildren.  Due to their smaller bodies, they are in even more danger than we are.  It takes much less toxin to damage a child irreparably, than it does an adult.  They need our protection.

Most people do not have time to do the research and/or find it overwhelming.  I understand, because I used to feel that way too.  My purpose in writing this blog is to make readers aware of the present-day threats to our health, and to provide simple steps that can be taken to mitigate these threats.  My husband and I have been implementing such changes in our household for the past five years, and, as a result, I have become somewhat of a “go-to gal” for information regarding health protection and becoming more “green.”  I am far from an authority on any one subject, but, having spent (literally) hundreds of hours reading, I have gained a working knowledge in many areas.  I have been told many times, by many people, that I “should write a book” or “have a website.”  I do not like to let people down, so here it is.  I hope you find it helpful.  Let me know.  If I can save even a single person some of the health problems I have encountered or seen in the NICU, then my purpose is fulfilled.

Why are there advertisements on your blog?

I would love to be able to have a blog without advertisements, but the “independent wealth fairy” has not yet hit me with her magic wand.  Until then, I need some income in return for the many hours I spend researching and posting, not to mention to counter the costs of keeping a site online.  Just the cost of keeping the unrelenting spam bots at bay would surprise most.  I am currently running an automated Google ad product and attempting to tailor the ads so that they match my content well.  It is not foolproof however.

If you see an ad that contradicts something I have written about, then consider my writing my final opinion and not the ad.  Obviously, I do not want you to eat candy bars with hydrogenated oils or buy a smart meter!  The products in my “Nurse’s E-Shoppe” are all specifically recommended by me.  In the margins of the site, if you see an ad that says “The Non-Toxic Nurse’s Favorite _________________,” then you can also be sure it is a direct recommendation from me, personally, and not an automated ad from the Google program.  If you ever see a case where something I have warned against is advertised on my site, please let me know the name of the product or site, so I can try and prevent it in the future.  The ads you are shown depend on the point in time and your geographic region, so I will need the name of the product or site to take corrective action.  Thanks!

Why do you have an e-Shoppe?

As explained on my e-Shoppe page, all items in my e-Shoppe are items I have used/read/eaten/viewed and loved.  My e-Shoppe is my answer to the questions I often am asked regarding what I use/read/eat/view.  I have posted the e-Shoppe to save you time and frustration in moving your family towards low-toxin living.  The commissions earned through the e-Shoppe will help keep this site up and running.

Why do you have affiliates?

Part of the value of this blog is that it identifies threats to our health and also guides readers through avoiding those threats.  Therefore, I have sought affiliates with whom I have personal experience and who offer safer products.  Again, the time I spend blogging is time that I am not working at my day job.  If I can make a small commission while referring readers to trustworthy merchants, then I think the situation is beneficial for all involved. Responsible merchants selling responsible products are part of the solution to the health crisis we face.

Can you answer specific questions about my particular situation?

This site is for educational purposes only and I can answer questions and reply to comments for educational purposes only. See disclaimer.

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