Film Review: “Flouridegate”

February 16, 2013

Glass of Water

Flouridation of Water is a Meritless Government Policy That Has Destructive Effects on Human Health!

For those who follow my Facebook page this will not be news: I oppose water flouridation. Flouride is an industrial by-product that has made its way into our water supplies in the name of health; however, it is far from healthy. Please watch the below film entitled Flouridegate to become familiar with how flouride interacts with human physiology, and the onslaught of other toxins to which a modern human is exposed, to spell disaster for human health.

In the film, you will hear from former EPA (PhD-level) scientists about how their concerns regarding “safe levels” of flouride in drinking water were summarily dismissed. You will hear from one who lost his job after his honest research findings did not match the government agenda of flouridation. You will also hear the testimony of a pediatrician (MD), a dentist, several professors (PhD-level), concerned citizen researchers, and attorneys involved in the fight against mass poisoning by flouride.

The film discusses that certain genetic predispositions and health conditions can leave particular individuals less able to handle flouride consumption without adverse health effects. Furthermore, if you have plumbing fixtures that contain lead (which most of us do, being that only a couple states have passed legislation against such fixtures . . . and only in recent years) flouridated water can free lead from your fixtures and put it in your drinking glass and bath water. I have discussed lead and that fact that there are no safe levels in the past. Lead is a potent neurotoxin that can lead to developmental delays and other neurological issues.

As with most of the toxins I discuss, our children likely suffer the most from flouridation. They are smaller and, therefore, their bodies are affected more severely by the flouride levels in drinking water–levels that are not even safe for adult consumption. At my house, flouride is filtered out of our water. Please consider doing the same to protect the health of your family!

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sadie February 19, 2013 at 22:09

Would love to know what kind of water filter you use! Thanks!


Nicole, The Non-Toxic Nurse February 23, 2013 at 11:50

Sadie, very recently, additional research, and the opinion of a neurosurgeon who I respect greatly, have led me to believe that spring water or well water from a safe source (carefully tested for contaminants) is best for drinking water. Good spring/well water gives us the minerals and trace elements mother nature intended us to get in our water, without the dangerous chemicals added by mankind. If good spring water is out of the question, or is going to take some time to put into place, then one could consider filtration. I strongly feel that, in order to use public/treated water supplies for drinking water and attempt to minimize the damage to one’s health while making plans for obtaining good spring/well water, one needs at least a charcoal block filter to remove chlorine and other nasties from public water AND a bone char or alumina (not the same as aluminum) filter to filter out most of the flouride from flouridated supplies (I have purchased both kinds from this site). However, the preceding flouride filters are still only about 99% effective at removing flouride. Per the instruction booklet on my bone char flouride filter, their effectiveness rates also depend upon how fast you are running the water through them–the slower the flow rate, the better the filtration.

A few days after I wrote this piece regarding the dangers of flouride, neurosurgeon, Jack Kruse, MD, gave the podcast you can hear by scrolling to the bottom of this page, and also wrote this post, both of which add additional concerns to my worries about flouride, and actually propose the mechanism by which flouride is associated with horrible bone problems and brain problems! He states that flouride is one of several substances that have “high dielectric points and this destroys semi-conduction through the dehydration of water.” He goes on to explain that most systems in the body, especially the central nervous system, are dependent upon the semi-conduction that pure water imparts to us when it is present in structures in our bodies called carbon nannotubes. In the podcast, he states that even 1 PPB of flouride can ruin the semiconduction. Dr. Kruse’s words have me rethinking my former position that my charcoal block filter and my flouride filter are enough to ensure the health of my family, especially given that two of us suffer from neuroimmune conditions, when it comes to our drinking water. Dr. Kruse’s recommendation is to drink pure spring water. This is my plan for my family as soon as possible. In the past, I have read the work of Stephen Sinatra, MD, and he also cautions that humans need the minerals in the water mother nature intended us to drink, in his book, Metabolic Cardiology.

I do not think any of us can afford to bathe in purchased spring water, so, for those of us who do not have good wells, perhaps my filtration recommendations would be a good protection for our bath/shower water. Both types of filtration can be utilized in whole house filtration set ups. The site I link to above regarding filters also has additional steps/stages you can add into your whole house filtration system to address particular chemicals added by your water treatment plant. However, again, at this time, I think pure spring/well water is the ideal for drinking water due to both what it has in it (essential minerals and trace elements) and the chemicals it does not have in it (chlorine, flouride, chloramines, and so on).


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