If You Eat GMO Foods, or Use Roundup, Please Stop! Here is Why, and Here Are the Safer Alternatives My Family Has Chosen!

June 2, 2012

A Must Read Article on GMOs and Roundup

I just read an excellent piece on the blog Real Food Forager.  I consider this article a must-read.  The author is a D.C. who has extensively studied nutrition, both in school and afterwards.  The article gives a concise history of the GMO crop movement, reinforces what I wrote about in my article on the dangers of GMO crops , and effectively relays some of the ever-multiplying known dangers of Roundup.

If you are still using Roundup in your yard, hopefully Real Food Forager’s article  will change your mind.  For your family’s safety, please stop.  I fear that the Roundup-use correlated facial deformities in children, and deformities in frog and chick embryos mentioned in Real Food Forager’s article  are only the beginning.


If You Cannot Stand Weeds in Your Yard, There Is A Safe Alternative to Roundup!

If you cannot stand the idea of weeds in your yard, then check out the product we use for weed control in our yard by visiting the “Yard” section of my Nurse’s E-Shoppe.  It is high-test vinegar (i.e., a higher concentration of acetic acid than you can find in grocery stores) and we love it!  When we actually bother to use it, it works!

Remember, if you click through my E-Shoppe, I earn a small commission that helps keep this site online (having a website does cost money–quite a bit, actually).  You pay no more by clicking through my my E-Shoppe  than you would if you purchased by going straight to Amazon.com.


What Can We Do To Fight Against and Avoid GMO/Roundup-Ready Foods?

We can speak with our purchases and buy non-GMO/organic food. We can also support the efforts of the Environmental Working Group, Food Democracy Now, The Weston A. Price Foundation ,and the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund in protecting our rights to choose such foods. Buying from local farmers who pledge to not use chemicals, grow GMOs, or use GMOs in their animal feed (whether or not they can afford to be “certified organic”) is also a great way to protect your family. Eat Wild is a great resource for finding a responsible farmer near you–it is where I found my farmer.  Your local chapter of The Weston A. Price Foundation may also be able to help you find a responsible farmer.  Responsible farmers have also been known to frequent local farmer’s markets, such as those put on by the Slow Foods movement.
Farmers' Market

Have you found a responsible farmer near you?  Are you protecting your family from dangerous GMO foods and deformity-causing pesticides and herbicides?  Have you banned harmful pesticides and herbicides from your yard, like we have?  If so, please comment below and share your story–it could inspire others!


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