Stop Paying for Poison . . . Please!

March 14, 2012


Dear Non-Toxic Friends:

Please take 9 minutes to watch The Story of Cosmetics.  This short and informative film serves as a reminder of how important our choices of cosmetics and personal care products are to our families’ health.  Remember, as explained in detail in my last postpoison on the skin = poison in the bloodstream!  Learn what poisons lurk in your favorite cosmetics and personal care products using the easy-to-use Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database.  Take a positive step for your family’s health today, and find safer cosmetics and personal care products–again using the Skin Deep Database to guide you.

Are you afraid you will waste money trying safer products?  Never fear!  In the near future, I will start placing my favorite safe cosmetics and personal care products in the Non-Toxic Nurse’s E-Shoppe.  Only the products that my husband and I have used and loved will make the cut.  I honestly do not care where you buy your safer products, as long as you stop using the run-of-the-mill death-in-a-bottle potions that line our supermarket shelves.  Your good health is too important to risk!




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